Marketing of high-end
products for high-end hotels

Luxury supplies
at the best rates!

Through MAKInities, we provide high-quality supplies to luxury hotels all over the globe.

We offer a large range of everyday products that can be personalized to your brand. Through our different entities, we can also assist our clients through their renovations and refurbishings !

High-quality products make for happy guests!!

Let's find a solution for you !
How do we do it?

Equip yourself with the best

To propose products and solutions that reflect the image of our clients’ hotels in order to bring well-being to their visitors.

We offer solutions that respect the environment and promote the well-being of our clients’ visitors.

A team of experts dedicated to the development of product lines and the selection of strategic partners.


Efficiency and reactivity

How we help:

Our customers are major players in various industrial sectors such as: chemicals, cement, mining, food processing, packaging, semiconductors, railways, construction, hotels, automobiles.

Quality products offered




Partnerships with the world's best manufacturers




Customized offers on all our ranges




End-to-end supply chain management




Would you prefer to discuss it live?

In order to remain reachable no matter the time, your geographical area or time zone
time zone, we use the Whatsapp application for more responsiveness.

Group entities

Making Contact
The beginning of the solutions

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Leave us some information via this form if you have any question or if you wish to be contacted.

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